Kalimah’s Online School Experience

As an entrepreneur, Kalimah wanted to grow her business. But with her schoolwork and extracurricular activities, she had little time to do it. Connections Academy offered her the time, support, and encouragement she needed to be the boss she is today.

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It Takes a Village—and the Right School Solution

Before attending Connections Academy, Kalimah and her brother attended a large charter school. Her parents noticed that she was falling behind in reading. When they asked Kalimah what the problem was, she explained that she wasn’t getting the support she needed from her local school.

“One of the biggest things I love about Connections Academy as a parent is that my children’s teachers see the potential that I saw in them, and they have worked with Kalimah to help her grow.”

— Kalimah’s Mother

Little Changes, Big Rewards

After joining Connections Academy in the second grade, Kalimah reveled in her freedom to explore new passions and projects. As a result, in June of 2020 Kalimah opened her own lip gloss brand, Lizzie’s Lip Pop. Driven to follow her passions, Kalimah was able to utilize Connections Academy’s flexible schedules, one-on-one support, and hands on learning she needed to pursue her dreams and excel in school.

Kalimah’s parents saw a huge improvement in her schoolwork. Understanding her dreams and what she was trying to accomplish, teachers and staff worked closely with her to create a course schedule that she could easily fit into her busy day. They also incorporated Kalimah’s business goals into her science lessons, helping her to understand the elements of chemistry involved in creating lip gloss and other cosmetics.

“The school has taught me so much, and I am truly grateful. My whole family is grateful.”

— Kalimah

Thanks to her parents and supportive teachers and staff, Kalimah is not only in charge of her company, she’s also in charge of her future.

Day In The Life of Kalimah

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