Day In the Life of Kaia

See what a typical day looks like for Kaia, a Connections Academy high school student with big dreams on and off the ice. Find out how our online public school gives students the supportive environment they need to learn their best.
Prepping for College Success

Meet Kaia

As a 12th grade student at Connections Academy, Kaia strives for excellence in academics with her sights set on college. Thanks to her more flexible school day, she also has time to pursue her passions—like figure skating, which she competed in for several years.

Type of a Learner College Prep, Flexibility

Learning Coach Father

6:00 AM

Wake Up

Get ready for a busy and successful day. Eat breakfast.

Personal time
7:00 AM

Prepare for the Day’s Classes

Log into her online classroom and go through the day’s schedule to see the lessons and assignments she needs to complete, prioritizing more complex lessons she may need more time on like AP Macroeconomics and AP Calculus.

Check in with her Learning Coach and let him know what assignments she’ll be working on so he can be prepared to help if needed.

7:30 AM

AP Macroeconomics & AP Calculus Coursework

Get right to it, moving through the day’s lessons for each of her courses and then completing required assignments. Check to make sure she’s understanding everything and reach out to her teachers or Learning Coach if she needs support.

9:30 AM

Family Responsibilities

Take time to help with chores around the house like cleaning and laundry.

Personal time
11:00 AM

Lunch Break

Personal time
12:00 PM

AP English Literature LiveLesson®

Continuing going through the day’s lessons, attending an AP English Literature LiveLesson® or watching a recorded version of a recent LiveLesson® if she missed it. Connect with fellow students to talk about any upcoming group projects. Take any scheduled quizzes or tests.


LiveLesson sessions are real-time online learning sessions where teachers, students and peers meet in the online classroom. Teachers engage students with activities and demonstrations to reinforce challenging concepts.

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2:00 PM

Extracurriculars: Competitive Figure Skating

During her years spent competing, she would head to the rink and skate!

4:00 PM


Take time to focus on her health and well-being by working out.

Personal time
5:00 PM


Personal time
5:30 PM

Finish up Schoolwork

Wrap up any remaining assignments for AP Environment Science, Physics and double check that everything she’s turning in meets requirements and is done well. Spend a few moments talking to her Learning Coach and making sure she hasn’t missed anything for the day.

6:00 PM

Speech and Debate Prep

Prepare notes and talking points for Speech and Debate Club.

7:00 PM

Extracurriculars: Writing or Coding

Spend time engaging in one of her many passions, either writing poetry and stories or working on the coding for a local site that helps people find Asian-owned businesses.

Personal time
8:30 PM

Wind Down for the Day

Personal time

Kaia’s Story

As a Connections Academy student, Kaia no longer had to conform her learning schedule to a typical school day. Instead, she could arrange parts of her day to fit around the demands of figure skating.

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