Day In the Life of Hannah

See what a typical day is like for Hannah, a Connections Academy high school student. Find out how our online public school gives students the supportive environment they need to learn their best.
Scheduling School Around Health

Meet Hannah

As a graduate of Connections Academy, Hannah was able to build toward her future, using her more flexible schedule to fit her classes around her health needs.

Type of a Learner Scheduling Needs

Learning Coach Mother and Father

7:30 AM

Wake Up and Prepare for the Day

Get out of bed, log into her online classroom and go over the day’s schedule. Work with her Learning Coach to make sure there’s time to complete the most pressing lessons and assignments.

Personal time
8:00 AM

Start Lessons

Go through the first lesson for the day, saving any math for later. Read through the multimedia learning materials and connect with her teacher if she needs additional support to fully understand the lesson.

8:30 AM

Take Medicine and Eat Breakfast

Personal time
9:00 AM

Computer Science LiveLesson®

Join a LiveLesson® session for her Computer Science class, gathering in a virtual classroom with her teacher and classmates to go over an important topic and then discuss ways to apply it in the real world.


LiveLesson sessions are real-time online learning sessions where teachers, students and peers meet in the online classroom. Teachers engage students with activities and demonstrations to reinforce challenging concepts.

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9:30 AM

Work On Assignments

Choose an assignment to work on and turn in before the next lesson. Connect with her teacher or Learning Coach if she needs any support or clarification.

11:00 AM

Personal Writing Time

When time allows, write something for her book, pursuing her passion for storytelling.

Personal time
1:00 PM

AP English LiveLesson®

Join her classmates and teacher for an AP English LiveLesson®. Discuss the current college-level reading, delving deep into the ways literature works.

1:30 PM

Medical Treatment

Get dressed and drive to the hospital for her treatment for chronic migraines. Grab a treat from McDonald’s on the way home.

Personal time
2:00 PM

Rest After Treatment

Personal time
3:00 PM

Return to Schoolwork

Move through additional assignments, often using the time to focus on math. If the math assignment is challenging, connect with her teacher or receive tutoring from her math Learning Coach (her dad). Turn in assignments when checked and complete.

5:30 PM

Eat Dinner

Personal time
6:00 PM

Finish Up Schoolwork

Complete any assignments that are due and have her Learning Coach sign off on them before turning them in.

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6:30 PM

Write Her Book

Personal time

Hannah’s Story

Connections Academy® helps all kinds of students—and their families—find the best way to reach their goals. That’s been particularly true for Hannah’s family.

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