Hannah’s Online School Experience

When Hannah needed to get her studies back on track, Connections Academy proved to be just what the family needed, even while dealing with an unexpected challenge.

Type of a Learner

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When Learning Is Complicated By Health Issues

During Hannah’s freshman year of high school, she fell ill. One missed day quickly became a week, which became more, until she’d missed three-quarters of her freshman year. As a student in the local public school district, missing that much class meant falling way behind. That’s when her parents knew they needed to make a change.

The Question Was: What Was the Best Learning Solution?

Hannah’s family wanted to make sure she received the kind of education that would help her to reach her goals in life, but they needed a school that would allow her to balance her studies with her need for rest and medical treatment. And they wanted an option that was free, like their public high school. After some research, they made a decision that would change all their lives for the better.

Heading in a Better Direction with Online School

Following Hannah’s freshman year, her parents enrolled her in Connections Academy, a K-12 online school. The school is an accredited public school in the their state, meaning it’s tuition free. But that’s only one of the school’s advantages. It’s also fully online, giving Hannah the freedom to attend high school from home.

“Being at home was a huge benefit,” her mother says.

It isn’t just that Hannah no longer has to travel to attend her classes. Connections Academy also allows her to rearrange her day whenever she needs to.

“What I enjoy most would be the flexibility of the school and the classes,” she says. “Whenever I’m feeling bad, I can take the time I need to rest, and then I can get back to the assignments I need to do.”

Thanks to caring teachers, a curriculum specifically designed for online learning and classes that help students build resilience alongside knowledge, Hannah is no longer falling behind. In fact, she’s thriving.

“It’s so neat to see what she is accomplishing every day,” her mother says. And Hannah’s mother would know. She’s Hannah’s Learning Coach.

Receiving Support Alongside Independence

As Hannah’s learning coach, Hannah’s mom gets to be a part of her daughter’s success. She keeps track of Hannah’s attendance and makes sure she’s completed her work. And while Hannah remains responsible for her studies and enjoys plenty of independence, her mom is there to lend a hand when Hannah needs it.

At first, Hannah’s mother thought she might struggle to support Hannah’s learning. But she says the parent resources provided by Connections Academy helped her embrace the change to online learning and gain the confidence to help her child learn and grow.

Hannah’s father is equally impressed with the ways Connections Academy has guided Hannah and helped the entire family find their way forward. “It was a perfect fit,” he says.

For Hannah’s family, Connections Academy has been the lifeline they needed during a difficult time. Now, despite illness, Hannah is on a path to a successful future.

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