Day In the Life of Connor

See what a typical day looked like for Connor, a Connections Academy graduate who needed a more supportive learning environment. Find out how our online public school gives students the supportive environment they need to learn their best.
Finding The Right Academic Support

Meet Connor

When Connor joined Connections Academy in 5th grade, he was looking for teachers and a curriculum that could give him the personalized support he needed. Six years later, he successfully graduated, feeling ready to take on the real world.

Type of a Learner Learning Needs

Learning Coach Mother

8:00 AM

Wake Up

Eat breakfast and get ready for a day of learning.

Personal time
9:30 AM

Prepare for the Day’s Classes

Sit down with his Learning Coach and log onto his online classroom to review the day’s schedule. Note what’s due and plot a path to ensure he completes what he needs and meets deadlines for assignments.

10:00 AM

Earth and Space Science Coursework

Tackle the first few lessons of the day for Earth and Space Science, going through the materials at his own pace and connecting with his teachers to receive any additional learning support he needs.

10:30 AM

Consumer Math LiveLesson® Session

Join a LiveLesson® session and participate in a virtual classroom where his teacher and fellow classmates explore and discuss a subject. It’s a great time for asking questions and expanding knowledge.


LiveLesson sessions are real-time online learning sessions where teachers, students and peers meet in the online classroom. Teachers engage students with activities and demonstrations to reinforce challenging concepts.

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11:00 AM

Take A Break

Spend some quiet time unwinding from the morning’s learning so he has the energy and focus to keep going in the afternoon.

Personal time
12:00 PM

Lunch Break

Personal time
1:00 PM

Anatomy & Physiology Coursework

Go through remaining lessons and assignments for Anatomy & Physiology, pausing when needed to seek support from teachers. Take his time so that he fully understands the material and does his best on assignments. Connect with his Learning Coach to ensure he’s met his deadlines and is staying on track for all of his courses.

2:30 PM

Snack and Prepare for Baseball Practice

Personal time
3:00 PM

Extracurricular | Baseball Practice

Head to the fields and enjoy the energetic atmosphere and camaraderie of practice.

6:00 PM


Go for a run or hit the weights to improve his well-being and state-of-mind.

7:30 PM

Finished for the Day!

Personal time

Connor’s Story

Where Connor’s traditional school expected him to follow a rigid schedule, Connections Academy’s teachers and counselors worked with him and his parents to put together a more flexible schedule that fit the way he learned best.

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