Connor’s Online School Experience

At Connections Academy, all kinds of students can find a public school that fits their unique needs. For Connor, that meant learning in an environment that could move at his pace, ensuring he was never left behind.

Type of a Learner

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Looking for a Better Way Forward

By the end of 4th grade, one thing was clear to Connor and his family. His current school wasn’t working for him. He was struggling in his classes and his family wasn’t sure how he’d be able to get through 5th grade, let alone middle school and high school. He needed something different. He needed a school that could teach him in a way that helped him learn and grow—and didn’t leave him anxious and confused.

Could the Answer Be an Online Public School?

As a shy kid, Connor always felt more comfortable at home. So he and his parents started looking at online schooling options. When they found Connections Academy, they were excited about what the online public school offered.

Unlike at Connor’s traditional school, Connections Academy would allow him more flexibility in his school day so he could take breaks when needed. The school also promised plenty of support and personal attention. Connor’s family knew what they had to do. They enrolled Connor in Connections Academy.

Finding His Place

When Connor began 5th grade at Connections Academy, the difference was more than obvious. Where his traditional school expected him to follow a rigid schedule, Connections Academy’s teachers and counselors worked with him and his parents to put together a more flexible schedule that fit the way he learned best. With breaks at the right time, he could concentrate better and learn more.

“I saw a great deal of improvement due to the increased flexibility,” he says. “I was able to utilize that to go at my own pace.”

Support Along the Way

In addition to the benefits of a more flexible schedule, Connor also received the personalized attention he needed. Connections Academy helped Connor get on an Individualized Education Program (IEP) and followed it up with specialized support and plenty of encouragement from his teacher.

Connor was no longer struggling or falling behind. He was thriving. He formed connections with teachers. He explored new hobbies. And he built the social and emotional skills he needed in life.

“Being a student at Connections Academy allowed me to have the freedom to gain a better understanding of how I am able to function best,” he says. “I have not only gained knowledge in the classroom, but I also was able to have more insight into who I am as a person.”

Building a Strong Future

Connor remained at Connections Academy through his high school graduation. Now, he’s ready to keep moving forward.

“Connections Academy helped to prepare me for the next phase in my life,” he says.

Backed by the knowledge and life skills he gained, Connor is poised for success—wherever his life takes him.

Day In The Life of Connor

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