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Connections Academy® provides a virtual school education that will foster your student’s love for learning—at no tuition cost to you.
Built to Help Students Grow

A Tuition-Free Online School for K–12 Students

Tuition-free and aligned with state educational standards, Connections Academy is designed to help students gain skills and confidence to thrive in a changing world. Every day, we make sure students have all the tools and support they need to learn the way they learn best.

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Technology Requirements for Online School

Some Connections Academy–supported schools provide computers to their students at no cost. Other schools require or allow students to use their own computer. If the computer belongs to your family, you’ll be responsible for the maintenance and upkeep of your hardware.

Check out our technology page to see our computer and technology requirements.


Supplies Provided to Connections Academy Students

  • All required texts and instructional materials are included and provided to all students at no additional cost.
  • Texts may be either physical or digital, depending upon your student's grade level.


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Student Fees for Virtual Schooling

Families are responsible for the following additional, optional expenses:

  • Field trips (optional) – Families are responsible for covering related costs if their student chooses to attend any of our optional field trips, which are held throughout the year to foster academic, social, and emotional skill development.
  • School supplies – Just like traditional brick-and-mortar schools, families are responsible for purchasing any additional learning tools (notepads, writing utensils, printer cartridges, etc.).
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