Chance LCA student image


Elementary School Student

Chance is a 4th grader at Lighthouse Connections Academy. He loves the teachers and the ability the school gives him to become a more independent learner. Here’s more of what Chance had to say about Lighthouse Connections Academy.

Why We Chose Lighthouse Connections Academy

I like that the school is organized, I have my own schedule, I can work at my own pace, and I have a lot of support from my teachers. Help is right at your fingertips, people are there to help you and know what they are doing.

The flexibility allows me to do work when it is best for me. It can be challenging, but also is the right structure that helps me learn the way I learn best.

Chance’s dad became very ill last July, and online learning allows Chance to continue learning without worrying about taking any germs or illness home.

Chance with his Lighthouse Connections Academy Learning Partner

My favorite part about Lighthouse Connections Academy is the flexibility, I get to work when I want to.

— Chance