Why We Chose Kansas Connections Academy

My children attended a private brick-and-mortar school, and then we learned about Connections Academy® through a friend who had enrolled their kids. We found that online schooling provides more flexibility, without compromising the quality of education.

Our Online School Experience

Kansas Connections Academy is an organized online school with certified teaching staff and effective lesson plans. The program is self-paced and allows me to be involved in my children’s education. I know that my kids are doing well in online school based on their grades, state assessments, and the feedback I receive from their teachers. I usually communicate with their teachers through WebMail and by phone.

Academic success is when you take control of your own education, and Kansas Connections Academy facilitates it.

— Amina

About Our Family

Abrar and Absar take taekwondo classes and enjoy biking, swimming, and reading. Abrar plays piano and does clay modeling, and Absar does 2D animation, 3D printing, and makes felt crafts and plushies.

After they graduate, they both wish to go to college and pursue professions. Absar is considering architecture or accounting, and Abrar is considering medicine. Kansas Connections Academy meets their academic needs and helps guide them toward their goals.