About Me

I enjoy practicing taekwondo, building LEGOs, making plushies, doing origami, making animation videos, and playing baseball. I take taekwondo classes in the evenings when I’m finished with school. I focus on other interests after school, on the weekends, or during breaks. I use them to unwind from a hectic routine.

I like to play outside, bike, swim, play board games and video games, and sometimes just hang out and chat with friends. The pandemic has made it a little more challenging to maintain this, so I’m glad to have online options for communicating with them. My brother and I host a virtual book club with some friends, and many of them are from Kansas Connections Academy.

Absar making plushies

Why I Chose Kansas Connections Academy

I was introduced to Kansas Connections Academy at an open house the school hosted when I first moved to the state. I was interested in receiving a quality education without distractions, and online school at Kansas Connections Academy seemed to be able to provide that.

I enjoy the ability to adjust my schedule to suit my needs. I can complete lessons in any sequence, whenever I decide to, including working ahead. Choosing to prioritize lessons and spending time on them as needed is what I like the most.

My Online High School Experience

My favorite subjects are algebra and world history. I like critical-thinking activities, such as solving math and science problems and learning about the changing world.

I have a great relationship with my teachers. It’s helpful communicating with them, not only about lessons, but I also enjoy socializing with them. The teachers are responsive and help me perform well in my classes.

Before I came to Kansas Connections Academy, I attended a private brick-and-mortar school. Kansas Connections Academy requires me to be more independent and responsible for my work. The teachers are available and grade my assignments, but it’s up to me to make sure I submit them on time. Working online is different from going to a physical location, but the transition was smooth for me.

What I like most about Kansas Connections Academy is the freedom to work at my own pace and organize my schedule to fit my needs.

— Absar

Future Plans

After I graduate from high school, I plan to attend college and obtain a professional degree. I’m not sure what profession I would like to pursue, but the Career Planning Course at Kansas Connections Academy has helped me narrow down my interests to accounting, architecture, and medicine. Kansas Connections Academy provides a lot of opportunities to help prepare me for my future.

Absar at his desk attending online school