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Ashley Carter

Ashley Carter

Ashley Carter is a math teacher at Iowa Connections Academy (IACA). She began teaching in 2012 and joined the school in 2016. Ms. Carter earned her bachelor’s degree from the University of Central Missouri in secondary education and a master’s degree in educational technology. She shares her teaching story below:

“I loved math, and I knew I wanted to do something with math. I was coaching gymnastics and also worked at a place where I would be ‘teaching’ science to small groups using a fun, interactive activity, so I felt like I was good at teaching. I also had amazing math teachers in high school, so I put it all together and changed my major to secondary math education and absolutely love it!”

Ms. Carter enjoys every bit of teaching at IACA. “I love that I am helping students learn at their own pace in a truly personalized environment. There are so many benefits! I can pick the best schedule for my students. I really feel I am more part of the students’ learning than ever before!

“Iowa Connections Academy helps prepare students for a bright and successful future because students get to own their learning. They are part of an educational community of themselves, teachers, and parents/Learning Coaches. The types of skills they learn, such as note-taking, routine making, and communication skills, will help them every day! The school community is so special. We are a family. The teachers work closely together to make sure every student can and will succeed.”

In her spare time, Ms. Carter has started powerlifting and loves it! She also leads a women’s life group through her church and likes to do anything outdoors.

If your students love to learn and need a flexible schedule, or would like to be challenged more, enroll them. IACA is an absolutely amazing place to be!
— Ms. Carter