Jacob Jimo

Jacob Jimo

Graduate Student

Jacob Jimo is a graduate from Iowa Connections Academy (IACA). He lives with his family in Dubuque, Iowa. When his family learned that Connections Academy would be available in Iowa, they decided to enroll Jacob. As an IACA student, Jason enjoyed school and felt healthier because there’s less stress. His mother shares his story below:

“We had learned about Connections Academy virtual schools when we were living in another state. We planned to enroll Jacob, but we were transferred to Iowa. Since virtual school wasn’t yet available here, Jacob attended elementary school in the Dubuque Community School District.

Diagnosed with ADHD, migraines, and tactile defensiveness (a sensory processing disorder), Jacob struggled throughout his third and fourth grade years. He started asking to be homeschooled as the pressures of school work, paying attention, and being picked on by others was getting to be a bit too much.

I love IACA because you don’t have to lug around a heavy backpack, there are no teachers yelling at you, there are no bullies, and I can actually focus on learning!

— Jacob

Even after experiencing a successful fifth grade year, Jacob still wanted to be homeschooled. The thought of dealing with a new middle school, new fears, more expectations, medication, and peer pressure felt too overwhelming. For his sixth grade year, we homeschooled Jacob, using a Christian Internet curriculum. Jacob’s migraines tapered off and his attitude became positive again.

Once Connections Academy came to Iowa, my husband and I jumped at the chance of being a part of a virtual public school! We enrolled Jacob in IACA, and we have been thrilled ever since! Jacob has been challenged academically, made new friends, and gained great respect for all of his teachers. Jacob’s favorite classes are Career Exploration and science. Because Jacob is a part of a nonthreatening and very positive school atmosphere, his migraines are not as frequent.

When Jacob is home, he spends his time playing computer games, hanging out with friends, and riding his bike. During the summer, our family travels quite a bit, and Jacob enjoys making new friends and playing outdoor activities. His favorites are King Ball, swimming, making ‘Campfire Hobo’ dinners, and jumping on the trampoline. Jacob is also going on his second year of delivering papers once a week for our neighborhood advertiser.

Jacob has a big heart, is funny, has a great imagination, and is very witty. He loves teaching others how to play video games and would love to create video games in the future that are more suitable for families."