Sarah Hunter

Sarah Hunter

Learning Coach

Sarah Hunter is a mother and Learning Coach at Iowa Connections Academy (IACA). With one special-needs child and an older son who recently graduated, Sarah appreciates how the flexibility of the Connections Academy program enables her to ensure both children’s needs were met. She tells her story below:

“My children have very different requirements. My youngest son is in special education, and my older son took Gifted and Talented classes. Each one had his own way of doing things.

With Iowa Connections Academy, we arranged our schedule to include school, everyone’s special appointments, and everyday life. I am able to work around school time with meetings, housework, errands, and anything else we have to do. The online calendar helps me plan around everyone’s schedule week-to-week.

What I like best about Iowa Connections Academy is that my kids worked at their own paces. They also planned their schedules so they do schoolwork when they are at their best. This makes all the difference in the world.

— Sarah

My special-needs child has therapy three times per week, as well as other functions weekly. I am able to schedule LiveLesson® sessions, therapies and all other functions around each other. The flexible scheduling makes everything so easy.

Before he graduated, my oldest son was in Gifted and Talented classes, and he made up his own daily schedule. During the week, he got up at 5:00 a.m. and started his schoolwork. He stopped for a quick break for meals and then went back to work. Most days, he was done at lunch or a bit after, and he made the time for all LiveLesson sessions.”