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Take action during National Bullying Prevention Month!

You don’t need a cape to be a superhero against bullying! Empower your children with the facts and with ways to stop bullies in their tracks this October. Follow Connections Academy on Facebook to become part of our monthlong conversation. Plus, get expert advice and hear how other families have overcome bullying by joining us for Making Connections: Parents & Bulling Prevention, a free online event on Oct. 18.

Invite your whole family to participate by taking the Kindness Pledge with your children and make kindness your superpower. Or make Kindness Rocks to spread the word and brighten someone’s day. You can also explore how Connections Academy students have overcome bullying and regained confidence through online school.

Knowledge is power, and together, we have the power to triumph over bullying!

Practical Resources for Concerned Parents

Connections Academy’s blog offers a wealth of information about preventing and overcoming bullying. We hope you’ll explore the list of posts below to learn how you can take positive steps to educate your children about this common problem.

image of hand with stop sign to stop bullying

3 Keys to Becoming an Upstander to Bullying: Using these general tips, teach your children how to stand up to bullies safely and support people targeted by bullies.

image street sign with text saying taking action to prevent bullying

Learn How You Can Help Kids Prevent or Overcome Bullying: Discover resources that can help you equip your students with knowledge about bullying and how to deal with it.

image of hand with stop sign to stop bullying

How Bullying Affects Your Child, and What You Can Do: Learn about the most common kinds of bullying, warning signs, and some approaches to take when discussing bullying with your family.

image of hand with stop sign to stop bullying

Help Your Children Take a Stand Against Bullying: Find out more about bullying and positive actions your children can take to overcome bullying.

image of teenage woman looking concerned at phone

6 Ways to Help Your Child Respond to Cyberbullying: Online bullying via social media is increasing. Discover key methods for talking to students about the problem of cyberbullying and how to handle cyberbullies.

image of hand with stop sign to stop bullying

What to Do if You Suspect Cyberbullying: Help keep your kids safe from cyberbullying by teaching them best practices for data privacy and online etiquette.

image of hand with stop sign to stop bullying

Parent Suggestions—6 Ways Kids Can Spread Kindness: See how Connections Academy families fight against bullying by helping others.

image of hand with stop sign to stop bullying

Taking the Kindness Challenge with Your Family: Help your students learn the importance of choosing positive actions by using these ideas for making kindness to others into an activity for the whole family.

image of hand with stop sign to stop bullying

Positive Character Traits: Top 10 Books about Kindness: Introduce your children to great books that showcase the value of being kind to others.