About Me

I enjoy a lot of things. When the weather is nice, I’m usually playing tennis or riding my mountain bike. I also love to read books, especially dystopian novels. My family likes to travel often, and we usually spend time at the beach or snowboard in the mountains each school year. Arkansas Connections Academy allows me to schedule school around the things I love to do.

Sheridan playing tennis

My Online High School Experience

I like Arkansas Connections Academy because I can attend school anywhere, anytime. It gives me freedom and flexibility. And accessing materials for my courses and getting in touch with my teachers is simple.

I have a great relationship with my teachers. They’re always quick to respond to any questions I have and are very helpful. I dreaded state testing, but the teachers made it fun. I especially love art and my teacher, Mrs. Ifland. I enjoy learning the different styles of art and their history, and the projects are fun to create!

I love Arkansas Connections Academy because I know I’m getting a good education, and I still have time to participate in all the activities I love outside of school.

— Sheriden

Sheridan at her desk attending online school