Image of Mr Doden

Jon Doden

Secondary Teacher

Jon Doden is a math teacher at Wisconsin Connections Academy (WCA). Mr. Doden has been teaching since 2006 and joined WCA in 2010. He graduated from the University of Wisconsin—Madison with a bachelor of science in mathematics, earned a degree in education from Concordia University Wisconsin, and received his master’s degree in educational technology from Marian University. Mr. Doden shares his teaching story below:

"I became a teacher because I love the profession and love working with young adults. My dad was also an educator, so a part of me wanted to follow in his footsteps. One thing I love at WCA is the partnership between the student, Learning Coach, and teacher. I believe the main benefit of teaching at an online school versus in a traditional school setting is the constant communication between school and home. Everyone needs to be involved for the success of the student. Communication is a key component of a successful education, and I truly believe that positive communication exists at an online school compared to a traditional school setting.

One cool thing about WCA's school community is the fact that students and Learning Coaches are willing to help new students and Learning Coaches. I’ve heard many different cases of families building a relationship with each other that lasts for years.

"I became a teacher because I love the profession and love working with young adults."

— Mr. Doden

WCA helps prepare students for a bright and successful future because the curriculum at WCA is very rigorous, so I believe it sets up students for a higher education past high school. The design of the school also helps students to become responsible and hardworking individuals who will succeed beyond high school.

One thing I’d tell prospective parents about enrolling at WCA is to be prepared to have a good working relationship with all parties involved in your child’s education, especially the teachers.”