See how our tuition-free online public school in Wisconsin can make it possible for your child to learn better today and succeed tomorrow.

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Here for You, Wherever You Are

Why is online school better for many Wisconsin families? Because we make it possible for students to pursue the educational path that’s best for them and their families.

See What to Expect

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Students' Day in the Life

Online schooling gives you and your child more flexibility in the school day and lets you put together a schedule that’s best for your family.

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Stories from Our Community

Why Families Are Choosing Online Public School

There are many reasons students and their families come to us, from needing more flexibility in the school day to wanting a safe learning environment. But everyone who chooses us is looking for the same thing: A better way to learn. We’re glad we can be here.

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Help Your Child Reach Their Goals

No one understands your child better than you do. At our Wisconsin Connections Academy, we give your child the opportunities they need to thrive—and empower you to be part of the journey as their Learning Coach.

Becoming a Learning Coach

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Making Online Public School Work

Whether your child attends our online elementary school, middle school or high school, they won’t just learn online. They’ll learn in a way that works best for them and build the responsibility, resilience and adaptability they need for a changing world.

Explore Our Classrooms

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A Community of Learners and Dreamers

Students at Wisconsin Connections Academy collaborate on projects together, participate in virtual clubs for students and can even join in-person field trips. It’s a community our students love.

How We Connect Students