Jennifer Johnston

Jennifer Johnston

Middle School Teacher

Jennifer Johnston is a middle school language arts teacher at Wisconsin Connections Academy (WCA). Ms. Johnston started teaching in 1999 in multiple states, and she joined WCA in 2015. She has her bachelor of science in education from the University of Wisconsin—Oshkosh and earned her master's of education in curriculum and instruction from St. Catherine University, Minneapolis/St. Paul. Ms. Johnston shares her story below:

"For me, teaching is a way to leave a lasting legacy in the world by providing love and support to children. I strive to provide students with the tools to live a happy and productive life. I realized early in life that I possess common qualities that successful teachers share. Through guidance from coaches and teachers, I realized that my compassion and dedication to kids was guiding me to a meaningful career.

I love teaching at WCA because I have excellent coworkers and enjoy the structure of the curriculum. I love the parental involvement and the relationships we teachers build with our students. The curriculum is excellent and meets state and national standards, but it allows a flexible learning environment to plan quality online lessons.

Online schools provide high-quality education. It is personalized, and I can meet with students individually to meet their needs. I love working with kids from all over the state of Wisconsin! Online students are just as 'present' in virtual discussions. I have found they are just as ambitious and well directed in their coursework, and they are every bit as hungry for knowledge. I love the flexibility for my family. I can log on from school or home.

"Connections Academy is a great way to provide flexible learning and be a part of a wonderful community!"

— Ms. Johnston

If there is one thing I'd tell a prospective parent, it would be that online schooling is a flexible option that can be tailored to fit any schedule. Although we are online, I have found through experience that students still build lasting relationships with their teachers and peers.

In my free time I enjoy running, going to the lake, and spending time with my husband and three kids. We are an athletic family that loves to take vacations!"