Wyatt Kabara


Wyatt Kabara is a graduate student of Wisconsin Connections Academy. He lives on a dairy farm with his siblings, Jedidiah and Mercedes, who also attend Wisconsin Connections Academy. Wyatt enjoyed learning at home with his family. He shares more about his experience at Wisconsin Connections Academy below.

“I was a student at Wisconsin Connections Academy since Kindergarten until I graduated high school. I took normal classes, but I also had the opportunity to take unique ones such as Spanish class with Ms. Plantiko. I attended a technical college while in high school so that I could learn to weld and do mechanics. My brothers, dad, and mom even took some of the classes with me. I plan to become the fourth generation in my family to work on our organic farm.

I enjoy hobbies such as playing games, working outside, and melting metals. In my spare time, I built a home foundry and smelted pop cans and brass—it melted because it was too small, so now I am building a larger one. My uncle has also taught me to use his wood lathe. I like playing Skylanders, board games, and video games with my brothers and sisters as well. My next endeavor will be Hunter Education and Driver Education.”

"Wisconsin Connections Academy was a great fit for me and my family."

— Wyatt

Wyatt and his six family members