Mercedes Kabara

Middle School

Mercedes 'Sadie' Kabara is a middle school student at Wisconsin Connections Academy (WCA). Sadie lives with her family in Pulaski, Wisconsin. Her brothers, Wyatt and Jedediah, also attended WCA. Sadie enjoys learning from the comfort of her home with her supportive parents. Her mom Kathy shares more about Sadie's experience at WCA below:

"Sadie is a normal little kid. If you ask her, she will say that she doesn't like school because she would rather be playing and running loose around the farm, but she is flourishing at WCA! Sadie enjoys every subject, particularly math. She is also learning the lost art of cursive writing.

Sadie is catching up to her grade level by leaps and bounds, and is beginning to find the enjoyment in reading with the help of WCA’s reading program, Reading for Success, which is offered in addition to the regular language arts class. Her favorite activity so far is the virtual classes. Sadie’s bubbly personality helps her interact with everyone in class. She gets excited about meeting her classmates in-person at field trips such as the Meet-and-Greet and the End-of-Year celebration.

I really like Mom being my Learning Coach. Dad helps sometimes, too. It makes school more fun.

— Mercedes

WCA is a super fit for Sadie. As her Learning Coaches, my husband and I are able to encourage her during the school day while she slowly learns about the importance of education. Sadie is a normal little girl; she collects My Little Ponies, Shopkins, and Littlest Pet Shop toys. She also enjoys arts and crafts, Minecraft, biking, swimming, yoga, and animals.“