Mathias Meyer

High School

Mathias Meyer is a high school student at Wisconsin Connections Academy (WCA). Mathias likes WCA because of the support he gets from his teachers and the flexible schedule he has for being able to complete his schoolwork. He shares his story below:

“I have been at Wisconsin Connections Academy since kindergarten. My mom gave me the option to go to Rhinelander High School, but I like this school [WCA] because the teachers really help me out when I need them to and I can work on my lessons at the times that work best for me.

I have the best teachers. When I don’t understand something, I just email or call my teacher. I also can go to the LiveLesson® sessions to ask questions. [My teachers] are there for me whenever I need help. I like it when they call me because they get to know me and don’t talk only about school.

What I like most about Connections Academy is the teachers. I feel like they really care about me understanding the lessons, and they are there to help me whenever I ask.

— Mathias

In my free time, I really like playing video games like Kingdom Hearts and Zelda. I also like to go biking and cross-country skiing. I plan my schoolwork around these interests by trying to do most of it earlier in the day so I have the end of the day to do other activities. I stay in touch with friends by having them over to my house or talking on the phone, going to the movies, bowling, or playing online games with them.

After high school I plan to go to college. I’m not sure what I want to do yet, but I will probably start at Nicolet College because it is close to my house. Wisconsin Connections Academy is helping to prepare me for my future by making sure I get a good education so I am ready for whatever I decide to do.”