Joshua Meyer


Joshua is a graduate from Wisconsin Connections Academy and had attended the school since kindergarten. He lives in Gleason, Wisconsin with his brother, Mathias, who attends Wisconsin Connections Academy, and another brother who graduated from Wisconsin Connections Academy. Joshua and his family value Wisconsin Connections Academy for enabling them to spend more time together. Learn more his story below.

Joshua’s mother and Learning Coach, Jane, believes he has thrived at Wisconsin Connections Academy due to the excellent curriculum and wonderful guidance from his teachers. Her family loves the flexibility this program provides and says that Joshua has evolved into a very independent learner.

In his early years of school, Joshua struggled with his reading skills, but with the addition of some supplemental materials through Wisconsin Connections Academy, as well as the one-on-one guidance from his teachers, Joshua became an excellent reader. Today he oves to read and enjoys the Game of Thrones series.

In middle school, Joshua struggled a bit with pre-algebra, but his teacher took the time to work with him over the phone and via the virtual classroom. His teacher also directed him to some great websites to help him practice his algebra skills. Because of his teacher’s guidance, Joshua gained the skills and confidence he needed to take Algebra I in high school.

What I like most about Wisconsin Connections Academy is that I can work at my own pace.

— Joshua

Now thriving in high school, Joshua says, "What I like most about Wisconsin Connections Academy is that I can work at my own pace. If a certain subject is really easy for me, I can move ahead, or if a subject is really interesting to me, I can go to the links on my home page to learn even more about it. Sometimes there are things I don’t understand, but I know I can either call or WebMail my teacher to get help, or watch the teaching tutorial again to help me understand it better."

Joshua’s favorite subject is science. He enjoys the science experiments and online interactive material, so he usually works ahead. He also enjoys learning about history. After graduation, he plans to attend Nicolet College and major in veterinary science, music production, or marketing.

In his free time, Joshua loves riding his bike, cross-country skiing, sledding, swimming, playing video games, and spending time with family and friends.