Adrienne Lee

High School

Adrienne Lee is a high school student at Wisconsin Connections Academy (WCA). Adrienne was interested in WCA because it allows her to study at her own pace within the comfort of her home. She shares her story below:

"Attending WCA allows to me to be able to keep up with my music interests and be with my family more often. I enjoy playing the piano and violin and have been taking violin and piano lessons ever since I started school. I manage my schedule around those interests by setting aside practice time, usually forty-five minutes every day. I am a member of the FVSO Philharmonic. I enjoy the independence of setting my own schedule.

I look forward to orientation at the start of the school year and attending school trips. My favorite subjects are language arts and social studies. I enjoy language arts because I like reading different stories and writing. I enjoy social studies because it's interesting to learn about different cultures and past civilizations. My teachers are kind and are always there for me. I enjoy their virtual classes because they're often planned with nice activities.

"What I like most about Connections Academy is that I can learn at home and allocate time for my extracurricular activities."

— Adrienne

Connections Academy is different from a traditional school in that I get to allocate the time needed to learn a specific topic in a subject. For example, if I find a math lesson challenging, I can spend more time learning that particular topic. I get to ask my teacher or Learning Coach as many questions as I need to, whereas in a traditional school I might not get as much one-on-one learning time."