What is the School LAND Trust?

Every year, the state of Utah receives money from its public lands. The annual interest and dividends from these investments are set aside for public schools to use to better support their students. Each public school in the state is required to have a school community council to determine how to spend the School LAND Trust money provided to them and address the academic needs of the school.

What are the benefits of participating in the school community council?

Participating in the school community council helps parents remain engaged in what the school is doing to support their students, and ensures that different viewpoints are considered to help bridge any cultural gaps. New members are elected every year. If you are not an elected member, you are still welcome to attend the school community council meetings and be a part of the conversations.

When do the school community council meetings take place?

Information about the School LAND Trust meetings will be posted on the school website and sent out via Webmail from the school principal. LAND Trust meeting agendas and meeting minutes are available in the school office.

For more information, please visit the School Land Trust website.