Yasmeen Zubair

Yasmeen Zubair


Yasmeen Zubair is a graduate of Texas Connections Academy @ Houston. At Texas Connections Academy, Yasmeen was able to learn in astructured, flexible environment that prepared her well for college. Yasmeen shares her story below.

Why I Chose Texas Connections Academy

I was homeschooled through elementary and middle school. Virtual high school seemed to be a good stepping stone between homeschooling and a more structured system like that of college. My family and I especially liked the combination of flexibility and accountability that Connections Academy offered. Lessons could be done according to the schedule that best fit our needs, and at the same time, measures like state testing and attendance-reporting ensured that we stayed on track. Certified teachers were there to help us each step of the way.

My Online School Experience

The curriculum at Texas Connections Academy allowed for guided, yet independent learning with teachers regularly making sure you actually understand the material; that worked quite well for me. When I had questions, the teachers would be able to explain in real-time, often with diagrams or examples through the LiveLesson ® sessions. Otherwise, I would call or send a WebMail, and they’d respond pretty quickly.

The flexibility worked well for me because I could spend the day out with my family or attend a field trip, then complete my work in the evening. Not many other kids get to do schoolwork in their pajamas or have vacations in the middle of the school year!

The curriculum at Texas Connections Academy taught me to challenge myself—it prepared me for the subjects and workload at a college level. My teachers and counselor were always very supportive of my goals. They encouraged me to pursue extracurricular activities and volunteer.

The curriculum at TCAH taught me to challenge myself—it prepared me for the subjects and workload of university.

— Yasmeen

About Me

I am currently attending the University of Texas at Austin with a major in biomedical engineering, and I was also accepted into the Honors program. Next year, I would like to take part in laboratory research. To prepare, I’m taking a few lab courses. In terms of my degree, I plan to specialize in cellular and biomolecular engineering with an emphasis in nanotechnology.