Matthew Whorton

Matthew Whorton


Matthew Whorton is a recent graduate from Texas Connections Academy @ Houston. A self-sufficient student, he liked that Texas Connections Academy allowed him to personalize his learning. Learn more about Matthew's story below.

The advanced courses and the opportunity to interact with other students, with similar interests, motivated Matthew to enroll with Texas Connections Academy. He was in Gifted and Talented courses in middle school, and in high school, he enjoyed taking Pre-AP and AP courses. Math and science are his favorite subjects because he finds them both fun and interesting. After completing Algebra 1 during the sixth grade, he continued to excel in math.

Matthew’s favorite part of Texas Connections Academy was that the curriculum was structured in a way that allowed him to learn independently and delve deeper into any subjects that piqued his interest. He also liked the fact that teachers are always there to answer any questions and provide additional information or instruction as needed.

The flexibility of Connections Academy allowed Matthew to travel to many educational and historic sites around the country, and pursue outside activities, including developing an online game, competing in science fairs, and participating in robotics competitions.

I love to interact with other students who have similar interests, meet new friends, learn more about science and technology, and share my knowledge with others.

— Matthew

In addition to all the wonderful opportunities and programs offered by Connections Academy, Matthew also took advantage of several local courses and activities such as tennis, baseball, and other youth programs, which allowed him to stay in touch with his neighborhood friends.

Matthew plans to major in computer science at a University—MIT, Cal Tech, or the University of Texas. Connections Academy prepared him for a bright future by providing him with a great education and support system.

Matthew standing into a posterboard presentation in wearing a blue shirt and tie