"Luis had experienced issues with anxiety as a preschooler, and these issues resurfaced negatively when we enrolled him in a bricks-and-mortar school. Luis has always been an avid learner who began reading at the age of three. We found that in the traditional school setting, staying busy by working ahead was an issue, instead of rewarded for resourcefulness. Thus, we decided to consider alternatives in education.

In our research, we found that Connections Academy was conducting an information session for prospective students and their families. After we attended, we came away with such encouragement to try virtual education and haven’t looked back. Luis began at TCAH in third grade. From the beginning, we have only felt complete support from his teachers as he continues to thrive in this learning environment. This past year, he was elected president of the National Junior Honor Society (NJHS) and is very excited about this role. Luis also applied to be on the anti-bullying school committee.

Luis was taken immediately with the online curriculum, and even more with the LiveLesson® sessions, where he could interact with his teacher and the other students. He has also enjoyed the resources in his daily lessons such as teachlets and tutorials, which enhance each lesson in a video or interactive format. Working at his own pace and on a flexible schedule is something that has brought Luis back to the classroom with anticipation—all his anxiety has been left behind.

I never imagined being able to communicate so freely with my teachers. The students seem to be more caring and friendly than they were in my bricks-and-mortar school, and I still feel a part of a classroom when I attend LiveLesson sessions.

— Luis

Luis has been nurtured by his teachers. They help him to express himself with writing in language arts, foster his interest in reading independently, enhance his love of history, and make learning concepts more fun in science labs. Art is also one of his favorite pastimes, as this was Luis’ very first way to express himself as soon as he was able to manipulate a pencil. He has learned so much about computer technology and it is preparing him for communication in the modern world. Luis finds it difficult to choose one favorite subject.

Because of the flexibility with scheduling lessons, Luis can participate in extracurricular activities, including soccer, and volunteering at our public library and nature center. He is always looking for different ways to volunteer. He also enjoys sharing his experience in virtual schooling with others.

Luis attends most school-sanctioned field trips, where he has made many friends. He has also built friendships through church, family and neighbors, and extracurricular activities. Luis likes to play video games with his friends, attend general social activities such as parties and organized functions, and play outdoors.

In TCAH, Luis has found the freedom to communicate with his teachers and the ability to work ahead at his own pace without creating a distraction for other students. He looks forward to doing his best each school day because he knows that he will have all the support that he may need.

TCAH is helping Luis to prepare for the future by nurturing the desire to learn all that he can, organize his time, and take initiative for his responsibilities as a student and as an individual in order to be successful in anything he may attempt going forward in life.”