Kwan Key

Kwan Key

High School

Kwan Key is a high school student at Texas Connections Academy @ Houston (TCAH). At TCAH, he is able to work at a pace that works for him. Learn more about his story below.

Kwan's favorite subject is science because he gets to participate in various science experiments. He gets to contact his teachers on a regular basis and feels comfortable doing so. Kwan also attends LiveLesson® sessions, which allow him to get a better understanding of the material.

Kwan is very passionate about karate and competes in various local competitions. Additionally, he loves to travel to his hometown, Las Vegas, NV. Thanks to the flexibility that TCAH offers, and the fact that it is a virtual learning environment, Kwan is able to complete his school work while he is on the road.

What I like most about TCAH is that I get help along the way.

— Kwan

Kwan has lots of friends. Most of his friends attend the same church, and are also in his Boy Scouts troop. Kwan generally connects with his friends either at church or during his troop meetings. He meets classmates during the TCAH field trips as well.

Kwan enjoys doing many things. He is very creative and a kinesthetic learner, which means that he needs to “move around.” This type of learning style can be problematic in the traditional classroom. Since he is not in a generalized learning environment anymore, Kwan can now do exactly what he needs to do to enhance his learning experience. He likes attending TCAH because he can get personalized help along the way. Reading on the carpet with his legs propped up, or even taking his laptop to various spots around the room, works perfectly for this TCAH learner!