Wise Words on Peace and Understanding: A Conflict Resolution Quotes...

Famous Conflict Resolution Quotes Teaser

Our world is shaped by conflict, and some of history’s most influential figures have played a part in it. Martin Luther King Jr. fought for racial equality. Thomas Paine fought for American independence. Ronald Reagan, Wendell Berry, and Albert Einstein fought to end wars.

It’s important to build conflict resolution skills in children to equip them with the skills to face conflict peacefully. Approaching fights with positive attitudes helps everyone maintain better relationships with the people around them.

Think Critically in this Conflict Resolution Activity

Below is a graphic containing quotes about conflict. Ask your student to read each one and consider these questions:

  • Do you agree or disagree with the quote?
  • How does the person define or describe “conflict”?
  • Do the person’s ideas apply to all types of conflict?
  • Research each person’s background. Did he use conflict resolution, or peaceful tactics, when facing major conflicts?

After completing the critical thinking activity, consider your child’s thoughts. How did he or she react to the quotes?

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