The Ultimate Career and College Major Quiz for High School Students

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As a high school student, you’ve likely been planning your transition to college or your future career since the first day of your freshman year. The closer the time comes to making this huge life change, however, the more difficult it can be to decide what to do next. So how do you decide what career is right for you? 

We’ve created a fun and light-hearted quiz , to make figuring out that next step a bit easier. Take the quiz to help determine what your major could be in school.  


Where to Start When Determining What Major Is Right for You

Making choices about your future can put a lot of pressure on you, especially if you’re not quite sure what you want to do after graduation, but taking a “what to do after high school quiz” might just help get your creative juices flowing.   

With the help of our test, you can see your suggested options for choosing a major by identifying your personality type. And, if you already have an idea of what you would like to do, we also suggest reviewing our four-year college prep checklist for online school students to kick start your future! 

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Our Methodology on How to Choose a Major

Although our quiz is for fun, it is based on well-known personality testing: the Holland Code. Made up of six different personality types, the Holland Code has been beneficial in helping people for decades to determine their career aspirations. These personality types include: 

  • Realistic 
  • Investigative 
  • Artistic 
  • Social 
  • Enterprising 
  • Conventional 


Having a better understanding of yourself and what you prefer makes it easier to recognize the types of careers that will appeal to you in the future. 


How Personality Can Help Determine What to Study in School

Once your personality type is determined, it’s easier to find the college majors and careers that are best suited to your personal strengths and interests. Even if you already have a career path or major in mind, personality tests like this can help you see yourself objectively. Who knows? It might make you think of a possibility you hadn’t considered! 


4 Ways to Determine What Career or College Major Is Right for You

In addition to a college major test, you can also follow these four simple steps to determine what might be the best path for you based on your interests, personality, strengths, and weaknesses. 


1. Ask Yourself: What Do I Love to Do?

The first step is to think about the subjects in which you excel or the topics that make you passionate and inspire curiosity. Make a list of these interests and be sure to include non-academic activities and hobbies. You may find a clear red thread between the items on the list like an academic curiosity in biology and a keen interest in running, which may lead one to consider a career in kinesiology or physical therapy. 


2. Map Out How You and Others Perceive Your Personality

Next up, you should consider your personality traits and map out how you perceive yourself against how others describe you—seek input from friends and family members. Gaining insight into your personality will help you understand the type of environments you thrive in and the personality traits you’d easily apply on the job. For example, you may find that you’re creative, hardworking, and analytical, and seek out a career or college major that allows you to express your creativity in a specific area of interest. There are also many free personality tests available online. 

3. Make a List of Your Strengths and Weaknesses 

Generate a list of your top 5–10 strengths in one column and 5–10 weaknesses in another column. Your list will help guide you toward a career path where your strengths can shine and eliminate career paths where your weaknesses are exposed. For example, if you are a solid public speaker, but are not very good at math, perhaps a career teaching mathematics is not in your future! 


4. Intern and Explore Your Interests

Ultimately, the best way to determine your interest in certain careers is to try them out. Internships and other shadowing opportunities are offered at many organizations. You may learn about something in an on-the-job experience with a mentor that you want to avoid in your future career—but you will be glad you found that out now rather than later! College Board and Roadtrip Nation also put together an online Career Finder to help students like you learn about new jobs and roles you may not have considered previously. Simply create an account and explore career options!  


When to Choose a College Major or Career Path

It’s never too soon to start thinking about your future. Whether you’re just starting high school or getting ready to graduate, take this quiz to learn more about yourself and what you like. And, if you need a little more help, our certified school counselors at Connections Academy® help each student understand what the best path for them may be and provide guidance on setting up internships and other college preparatory steps. Learn more about the ways online school counselors support students.

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