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If you search for learning or teaching apps in your favorite app store to help support your student, you can be bombarded with options. Filtering through and then trying out the ones available can take hours. For parents of students attending an online school like Connections Academy—or for any busy parent who wants to enhance their child’s learning—those hours could be better spent helping your child learn.

To save you time and energy, here’s what you need to know about smartphone and online teaching apps as well as recommendations for which teacher apps work best for Learning Coaches and other parents helping their child learn.

What Are the Benefits of Teaching Apps?

Today’s students use a lot of education technology. In fact, 81 percent of teachers report that they see vaule in using digital tools to to help students learn at school. 

Teaching apps allow you to make use of digital tools similar to the beneficial technology that students are using for online learning. They not only provide engaging ways to complement and/or supplement your child’s learning, they can make your job as a Learning Coach easier and more effective. Teaching apps offer you:

  • Tools for studying, like flashcards and quizlets
  • Help with teaching specific subjects
  • Daily and weekly routines
  • Access to books and other educational materials
  • The ability to fit in quick learning activities wherever you are
  • New and engaging ways for your child to learn

Which Teaching Apps are Best for Learning Coaches?

Studies have shown that when students utilize technology for learning, the quality of the technology significantly impacts learning outcomes. 

At Connections Academy, our 20-plus years of online education experience has provided us with a lot of expertise in education technology. Based on our knowledge and experience, here are the top teaching apps we recommend that Learning Coaches consider:

Apps for STEM

Bedtime Math

Designed for kids ages 3-9, this app combines a Bedtime Math story with an engaging math lesson. It can help you get in an extra math lesson that your child will actually enjoy. Free on iOS and Android.

Prodigy Math App

There are only so many worksheets you can get your child to do. This Prodigy Math app turns math lessons into an adventure game, giving you an additional way to reinforce math skills. Free to download on iOS and Android. Game subscriptions start at $87.99/year.

Apps for Reading

Kids Spelling & Reading Games by IDZ Digital

This Kids Spelling & Reading Games by IDZ Digtial app includes 100+ games designed to help children learn to read, expand their vocabulary and improve spelling. It’s a great way to keep your child interested in reading. Available for free on Android. In-app purchases available.

Libby, by Overdrive

Checking out books has never been so easy. This Libby, by Overdrive app gives you access to ebooks, audiobooks, and digital magazines from your local library. If you have or can get a library card, you can check out plenty of materials to help with your child’s learning. Free on iOS and Android.


This Gramerly app is perfect for any parent who wants to help their child double-check the quality of their writing or check theirs. You can install it on any Windows, Mac, iOS or Android device and it will run on word processing apps and dozens of other apps that have a keyboard. Free on iOS, Android, and browsers. Upgraded version available with subscription.

Apps for Exploration


While students can often learn a new language through their school, this Mondly app is an additional way to help your child—and perhaps even you—build foreign language skills. With bite-sized lessons and lots of languages available, Mondly is a great supplement to formal language education. Free on iOS and Android. Upgraded version available with subscription.

Seek by iNaturalist

Exploration of the natural world can turn into an educational opportunity with this Seek by Naturalist app. Its image-recognition technology helps you identify the plants and animals  around you so your child can learn more about nature. Free on iOS and Android.

Star Walk Kids

Created to help parents explain the basics of astronomy to kids, this Star Walk Kids app lets you point your phone at the night sky and learn all about the celestial bodies around you. The app also contains a number of fun features for kids. Free on iOS and Android.

Apps for Organizing


This app is a notepad, calendar, to-do-list, corkboard, and more, all in one. If you need to keep track of something, Evernote can help, which makes it a valuable tool for any busy parent helping their child learn. Free on iOS and Android. Upgraded versions available with subscription.

Cozi Family Organizer

When it comes to doing the chores that keep an at-home learning environment functioning, organization matters. This Cozi Family Organizer app helps your whole family stay on the same page, allowing you to get chores done more efficiently so you can make more time for your child’s learning. Free on iOS and Android. Upgraded version available with subscription.

Finding Additional Assistance With At-Home Learning

If your child is not already enrolled in a high-quality online school like Connections Academy, you should consider taking that step. As a tuition-free school, Connections Academy is an affordable way for you to help your child learn at home and thrive in their studies.

Not only do Connections Academy students receive expert instruction from certified teachers, you receive a lot of support as your child’s Learning Coach. We provide an extensive Learning Coach orientation, plenty of resources, and a parent community you can turn to for advice and support. Plus, you can always connect with your child’s teachers and the school’s counselors and staff, so you’ll never be on your own throughout your child’s education.

Apps can be an incredible way to help your child learn. And Connections Academy can help even more. To find more useful apps and online tools, check out our article featuring the top five free typing games for kids.

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