5 Free Typing Games for Kids

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Elementary school student on laptop playing free typing games just for fun.
Elementary school student completes beginner typing game on computer

3. KidzType

In addition to lessons on the fundamentals, KidzType offers a wide variety of games that focus on learning such aspects of typing as letters, home row, upper row, numbers, words, sentences, and more. Games allow the user to select complexity and difficulty, and final scores and a high score for comparison make it easy to track progress. Playful themes range from aliens to airplanes and race cars to drive the lesson home.

Parent tip: Some of the story arcs in this typing game might be too mature for different-aged kids (ie throwing ninja stars at zombies or shooting arrows at vampires). Make sure you pick the correct story arc game that is age-appropriate for your student!

High school student completes free typing game on laptop at home
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