5 Reasons Your Child Is a Good Fit for Online School

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Is online school a good fit for your child? When families are considering homeschooling online, many questions understandably arise. Parents and students typically put a lot of thought into choosing an online school. They want to find the best fit so their high school student can get a great education, stay involved with their favorite extracurriculars, pursue their passions, prepare for the future, and so much more.  

When researching homeschooling online, you might be facing a long list of factors to consider when choosing a school. What will class schedules look like? What about learning support and teacher availability? Will the online school offer the right courses for your student to choose from? Are Advanced Placement®(AP®*) or college prep classes offered? What about extracurriculars and career-readiness courses?  

We have the answers to these questions and more to help parents and students make informed educational choices that feel right for their family.  

Reasons to Be Homeschooled Online

From classroom distractions to safety concerns, to problems with bullying or conflicts among students, or conforming to learning styles that don’t fit every student—no matter what your reasons for considering homeschooling, they are valid.  

Traditional in-person school might not be working for your child or your family. Some of the commonly cited reasons to be homeschooled online include: 

  1. The child is distracted by disruptions in their everyday classroom environment and, as a result, are being held back from reaching their potential. 
  2. Bullying and conflicts between students at school may create an uncomfortable, hostile learning environment. 
  3. Concerns about safety and security in the in-person classroom may be present. 
  4. Certain courses or extracurriculars may not be available at their school. 
  5. There may be a lack of AP course options, college prep courses, or electives that interest the child. 
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The Traits Your Student Should Have Before Switching to Online School

If your student and family are interested in switching to online school, how do you know if your child is a good candidate?`

Here are some notable characteristics of successful online school students: 

They’re self-starters.

Your student is motivated to learn, complete assignments, and study. This is a great trait that will help them have a successful online school experience. But don’t worry if your student needs additional help and support with their coursework. All online school students have learning support, and their teachers and counselors are available to provide guidance outside of class times.

They have good support systems.

Having a strong support system of family, friends, and other trusted adults in their life lays a great foundation for homeschooling. A good support system supports your student’s mental health. It also gives them a place to turn if difficulties arise.

They’re motivated and have goals for after high school.

Sometimes students want to learn at home because they’re held back academically by disruptions in the classroom. Other times, they can’t reach their full potential in their current in-classroom learning environment. If your student is motivated and has big dreams for their future, online school can help them reduce roadblocks on the path to reaching their goals.

They want to prepare for college or jumpstart their career.

College may be in your student’s future. Or maybe they want to dive into the workforce after they graduate high school. For both goals, online school can be a great choice. Online school will prepare your high school student for college or their future career by offering college prep courses and a range of courses and subjects to explore. Learn more about online school curriculums.

They want personalized, individualized learning plans.

From gifted and advanced programs to online honors classes that fit their lifestyle outside of school, personalized learning plans are a great benefit of online school.

An online homeschool student reading as part of his personalized learning plan.

Factors to Consider When Choosing a School

Here are a few factors to consider when choosing an online school:


Many online public schools offer flexible pacing with courses, schedules, and meetings. With flexible scheduling, your child can attend school from anywhere, at any time—even outside of traditional daytime classroom hours. 


With personalized classes and electives, your student will receive an education that is tailored to them and their interests.

Ability to pursue passions.

Is your student an aspiring musician or athlete? Do they want to pursue a passion that isn’t offered at their current school? Online schools offer more class options than traditional public schools. If your student’s school doesn’t offer courses or electives that fuel their passion, online school may be a good fit for your child. 

We have more resources to better understand if switching to an online high school is the right choice for your family. To get started, learn more about our online education programs and find an online high school near you.


*AP® and Advanced Placement® are registered trademarks of the College Board. Used with permission.  

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