How to Try Workshifting with Virtual School Students

young online student studying outside of the home classroom in a library

With today’s on-the-go lifestyle, working in the same spot every day can be a challenge. As a virtual school family, you have a designated home classroom to work in most school days, but sometimes your child might work in the car or on the couch.

Although moving around during the school day can affect your child’s focus, learning in different areas can have some surprising benefits.

To find out what these benefits are, take a look at these tips for studying on the go.

The Benefits of Studying On the Go

Our culture now allows many possibilities when it comes to finding places to study or work. In the professional world, men and women are working from home, working while traveling, working in cafés and rented workspaces—working essentially anywhere. A new word has emerged to describe this trend: workshifting.

Workshifting means “working from anywhere other than a traditional office through the use of web-based technology,” according to, which coined the term. Workshifting has essentially changed the professional world in a way similar to how online learning has changed education!

So, how can workshifting be applied to virtual school? Well, it can offer virtual students the same benefits. Reduced stress, increased motivation, and schedule flexibility are some of the benefits described in an article about workshifting in BusinessWeek.

Some of the reasons why students may want to try workshifting are as follows. Workshifting:

  • Helps children to become more adaptable
  • Keeps the learning experience fresh
  • Spurs ideas and creativity
  • Helps break the patterns of bad habits
  • Improves moods or mind-sets
  • Teaches children to tune out distractions
  • Allows children to find the work areas they like best

Some of the areas where your child can study (depending on his or her age) are at the library, in the car, at a café, in a study group at a friend’s house, or at a community center.

Does Workshifting Work for Virtual School Students?

For workshifting to be successful, a person has to follow good learning practices. Because setting routines is important, try to set consistent work hours or lesson lengths. If that’s not possible, then ask your child to follow the same steps every time he or she starts a lesson. To keep everyone organized, use a learning calendar.

To see if workshifting is right for your child, make sure you evaluate his or her experience with it. Remember to ask the following questions:

  • How does it feel to move around?
  • Does it feel refreshing to work in a different spot each day?
  • What are some things that help you focus, no matter where you are?
  • Where do you feel most comfortable?
  • Where is it easiest to focus?
  • Where do you like to work the most?

Try workshifting for a couple of weeks. Use a journal or calendar to document the different places where your child works. After each study session, ask your child to rate his or her comfort, focus, and productivity on a scale from 1 to 10. At the end of the trial period, review the journal or calendar. What do you notice about the results?

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