How to Recognize the Warning Signs of Bullying and Take Action!

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Has your child been the victim of bullying? Bullying is defined as repeated, unwanted aggressive behavior designed to intimidate, harass, exclude, humiliate, harm, or coerce another person. Bullying can be physical violence or verbal taunting, and is a serious situation that needs to be addressed.

While someone being bullied may feel isolated or ashamed, making him or her less likely to reach out for help, there are warning signs you can look out for. Connections Academy® parents share their stories of bullying and how they took action to help below.


Changes in Behavior May Signal Bullying

Has your vibrant, happy child turned quiet and withdrawn? Or perhaps your independence-loving teen has become more clingy? These parents noticed changes in their children’s behavior and stepped in:

Unfortunately, my son experienced bullying. He became very quiet and always seemed sad; he started to not want to go to school and had a stomachache all the time. I talked with my son all the time and allowed him to be angry and hurt, assuring him that the bullies were wrong. I told him every day that he is enough and has a great purpose. He still struggles to this day.”

—Washington Connections Academy Parent


My daughter left school due to severe bullying. I knew it was happening when I noticed her withdrawing from family activities and sleeping a lot.”

—Georgia Connections Academy Parent


My child experienced bullying. She was being shoved down. The bully was also taking her things and breaking them. She was crying every morning, not wanting to go to school, and coming home crying every day. Her gifted teacher told her the school was not where she needed to be; she needed a better school. I finally checked her out of school and homeschooled her a few months and then found Connections Academy. Her attitude changed so much! There was no more crying. The nightmares stopped!”

—Texas Connections Academy @ Houston Parent


Is Depression a Sign of Bullying?

Bullying can lead to lasting struggles with depression. Some students drop out of school or self-harm.


My oldest daughter suffered from depression and anxiety from bullying. I brought her home to a safe environment and started at Connections Academy. She graduated with honors.”

—Kansas Connections Academy Parent


My daughter experienced bullying in the 7th grade. She didn’t want to attend school, wouldn’t come out of her room, and disconnected herself from us as a family. She went into a depression. She had to go through lots of therapy and had family support.”

—New Mexico Connections Academy Parent


Bruises and Other Physical Signs of Bullying

Unfortunately, some bullies will become physically aggressive. Some children will have bruises or other injuries they don’t want to talk about. Other children will have headaches or other “illnesses” and say they don’t want to go to school.


My kids have been bullied. I knew because they had bruises and cried about other painful injuries. We spoke to the school superintendent after trying to deal with the school principal. When that didn’t work, we put our kids in Connections Academy.”

—Colorado Connections Academy Parent


I knew it was happening because they were getting ‘hurt’ at school but wouldn’t say how. They didn’t want to go to school and had a lot of sick days though they loved school. I specifically helped my kids by helping them find the words to stay safe and by signing them up for group activities.”

—Oregon Connections Academy Parent


Connections Academy can make a difference for students who have suffered from bullying. Students can take courses and electives approved by their local school system and delivered within the safety and comfort of your home. Freed from the distraction and anxiety caused by bullies, Connections Academy students can excel.

With a choice of clubs, extracurricular activities, field trips, and online groups, your student will have a social circle he or she can choose to interact with. If you’d like more information about Connections Academy’s tuition-free online public school for grades K–12, check out the comprehensive school eGuide.

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