How to Make Your Own Halloween Costume

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Halloween can be a fun holiday for kids and adults, but at least half of that fun is picking a costume that gets a fun reaction from people. Not every Halloween costume is a showstopper, though, and some have become clichés through overuse. With so many people out there reusing, repurposing, and reinventing costumes, how do you find a killer costume idea?

Many unique ideas are put together for individual and group costumes, some complex and some simple. With a little thought and creativity, you can put together original Halloween costume ideas or a new spin on a tried-and-true one. To help get you started, Connections Academy can provide some fun costumes for this year’s Halloween season.


Finding inspiration for how to make your own Halloween costume can be difficult. However, because YouTube is a very popular platform right now, dressing as an online influencer is a way to get noticed by fans of that YouTuber. Some of the more easily recognized YouTubers include Miranda Sings, Dan and Phil, and Pewdiepie.

Best Friend Costumes

Sometimes the best costumes are created in groups. If you and your friends are feeling inspired, head down to the thrift store to make awesome costume combinations. Some fun couple Halloween costume ideas include Mermaid Man and Barnacle Boy from SpongeBob SquarePants, Pooh and Tigger from Winnie the Pooh, and Peter Pan and his shadow.

The Doctor from Doctor Who

Doctor Who is a popular science fiction television show, and it’s no wonder people often dress up as the doctor himself. Since the main character changes often, there may be many Doctor Who clothing options! Grab a bow tie, suspenders, and a leather jacket, or find a friend to dress up as a fellow movie character!

Pop ’Til You Drop

Pop culture Halloween costumes are very popular (pardon the pun; more on those later), but most of them tend to be a bit predictable. Instead of going for the obvious main characters from TV, movies, and video games, go for supporting characters, combo characters, or even objects.

If you are interested in Doctor Who, you could go as the Tardis (a large cardboard box painted blue will do just fine). Instead of going as Captain Jack Sparrow or Jack Skellington, go as Captain Jack Skellington. Rather than dressing as the main Harry Potter characters, Harry, Ron, or Hermione, you could shave your head, Sharpie a face on the back, and grab a turban to go as Professor Quirrell.

With these less traditional costumes, you’re likely to be the most clever costume of the evening.


It’s pretty common on Halloween to dress as a superhero, but sidekicks need love as well. Those who dare to be different and don a sidekick Halloween costume can go trick-or-treating as Robin from Batman, Patrick from SpongeBob SquarePants, or even Stitch from Lilo and Stitch.

Dynamic Duos (and Groups)

You can make a costume with great impact with a partner or group. Try going as the Mario Brothers’ red mushroom and green mushroom, or red shell and green shell. Or grab a group and go as a roller coaster. For more sport-minded individuals, try dressing up like wizards, dwarves, and elves (stay with us), then donning football gear to build a “fantasy” football team.

If you’re pressed for time or materials, grab a buddy and two white shirts, and draw the letter I on each of them (the shirts, not the buddy). The the two of you can go as “right I” and “left I.” For those with the time to think past the low-hanging fruit, the possibilities are endless.

Your Worst Nightmares

Now for some truly frightening costumes, none of which require any fake blood. First, some ghoulish face paint, a black shirt, and a little bit of arts-and-crafts skill can turn you and a friend into “dead battery” and “dead service.” A black funeral-worthy outfit, some painted-on tears, and a name tag that reads “Monday” can turn you into “Monday Mourning.”

And for one that takes almost no effort, make a giant cardboard cookie and wear a pair of boxing gloves to be a “tough cookie.” You may have noticed that many of these are puns or, at the very least, count as a play on words. We warn you, we’re only getting started.

Punning for Your Life

Some of the most inventive Halloween costumes are based on puns and familiar sayings, and many of them are incredibly easy to create. Attaching a collection of Smarties candy to an old pair of pants makes you a “Smarty-pants.” A rain outfit with cutout cats and dogs attached on strings to an umbrella makes you “Raining cats and dogs.” A pig costume with a blanket wrapped around you makes you “Pigs in a blanket.”

For those with red hair (or those willing to fake it with a wig or dye), having some bread on hand makes you a “gingerbread man (or woman).” A Netflix T-shirt and a bag of ice (or a small cooler) makes you “Netflix and chill.” A “sand-witch” can be created with a witch’s hat combined with other attire that invokes the beach (such as a bathing suit and a beach towel).

And really, this list could go on and on, but we don’t want to put you through any more punishment.

Halloween can be a great time to impress friends, family members, and partygoers with your inventiveness and ingenuity. Done right, your costume will be one that’s remembered for years to come. So rather than simply grabbing something off the rack at Walmart, try brainstorming how to make your own Halloween costume, and you (and those who see you) will likely be happy with the results.

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