How to Establish a Morning Routine for Kids

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Let’s face it: mornings can be tough, and many of us dread the alarm clock that signals the start of another hectic day—especially if you’re in charge of little ones. Getting the entire family ready for school or other activities on time can be a challenge.  

But with an intentional, consistent morning routine for kids, you can cut down on the chaos and prepare your family to successfully take on the day. 

The Importance of Routine

Most of us feel confident and secure when our daily activities are predictable and familiar—and creating a morning routine for kids is no different. A predictable routine can help your child feel in control of their environment, feel safe and comfortable, and master the tasks that come along with getting ready for the day. It can also help set their minds up to engage in learning, follow other routines throughout the day, and demonstrate more independence as they grow older. 

How to Establish a Morning Routine for Kids

Time a Minute to Connect

To help your child feel calm and ready to follow your morning directives, spend a little one-on-one time with them. This can be as simple as a morning greeting, taking a few deep breaths together, or repeating some positive affirmations to help boost self-esteem. 

Example affirmations:

  • “I am kind.”

  • “I am going to have a great day.” 

  • “My brain and body are powerful.”

  • “I am capable of doing hard things.”

  • “I am proud of myself.”

Get Your Kids’ Input

When kids have a say in what they do, they're more likely to stick with it. Let your child make age-appropriate decisions about how their morning will go. For example, let them choose the order of the tasks they need to complete. Perhaps your child wants to brush their teeth first, then make the bed.

Prepare the Night Before

Before they go to bed, ask your child, “What can we do tonight to make tomorrow a little easier?” 

  • Lay out clothes: Have your kids choose their outfits for the next day and lay them out for easy access in the morning. 

  • Prep breakfasts and lunch: As much as possible, prepare or pack anything you’ll need for meals the next day.

  • Pack bags for activities: If your kids participate in sports or other extracurricular activities, make sure they have everything they’ll need ready to go. 

Make Waking up Fun

How you spend the morning can often set the tone for the rest of the day. Try to instill a little fun into your kids’ morning routine. Make a morning playlist with your child and help them choose their favorite upbeat songs to set the mood. A dance party is always a great way to get your kids up, smiling, and moving.

Have a Visual

Having a visual, morning routine chart for your kids to check off their accomplishments can help keep your child on task in the morning and give them a feeling of greater independence. You can print out a chart or create your own on a whiteboard or chalkboard.

A family eats breakfast as part of their morning routine before school.

Morning Routine Checklist for Kids

  • Morning greeting or connection time: Reestablish your bond after a long night with a few quiet moments together before the day gets busy.

  • Get clean and dressed: Take care of your hygiene needs like brushing your teeth, showering, and combing your hair. Change into your outfit for the day.

  • Morning chores: This could include making the bed, feeding a pet, or tidying up any messes.

  • Eat breakfast: Eat an energizing breakfast to help you take on the day. 

  • Pack up: Make sure you have everything you need for the day.

The Online School Difference

Having to rush off to school and work is often what makes mornings so hectic. Whether mornings are your family’s strong suit or not, online school offers flexibility that allows you to slow down and take the morning as it comes.

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