Online School Prom 101: How At-Home Learners Can Attend Prom

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There’s a lot of things that can be different about the high school experience when your student is learning at home compared to attending an in-person, brick-and-mortar school. But one thing that doesn’t have to be different is going to prom! Learn more about the online school prom experience, including how to attend a traditional prom and creating or attending a co-op prom event. 

Can Online School Students Go to Dances at Brick-and-Mortar Schools?

Yes, online school students can go to dances, including prom, homecoming, and other popular school dances. There are a few ways that a student can attend a high school prom. For example:

  • They can be invited as a date to a traditional school prom by a student at a brick-and-mortar school
  • They can attend a traditional school prom – solo or with another student
  • They can attend prom for online and homeschool students

How to Attend a Traditional School Prom as an Online School Student

Probably the easiest and most direct way that an online school student can attend prom is by going as the date of a student who is enrolled in a traditional school that is hosting a prom. There may be a few boxes to check in order for this to happen – many schools require guests of students to fill out attendance forms prior to the dance – but overall, it is a very simple process.

In addition, there may be an option for online students to attend the prom of a local traditional school. This very much depends on your local school district's rules, but it could be a very attractive option for students learning from home if they are already involved in the school in some way, such as extracurricular activities or other afterschool programs there, and if they already have some friends who they know will be at the prom with them. 

Planning a Prom for Online School Students

Although it requires a little more work and planning, attending an online school co-op prom is another viable option for students. Your area may already have some sort of group that plans these sorts of social events for local students, in which case you can just seek out information.  

If you find that your town does not already have a co-op group, you can also take charge and plan a prom for local students in your area.  A great way to start this process is by reaching out to other families in your town and forming a “prom committee” to plan and execute the event. 

Does Connections Academy Have a Prom?

If you are wondering, “Does Connections Academy have dances?” the answer is...yes! You can see more “behind the scenes” footage of a recent prom hosted by Connections Academy here!

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