Family Fitness Challenge: Keep Kids Moving toward a Healthy Future

Mother And Children Preparing A Healthy Meal

When starting a family health and fitness program (as we challenged readers to do earlier this month), it’s not unusual to encounter some obstacles or resistance. Maybe you think your kids tune you out when you talk about health. Perhaps you’ve already run out of fun ideas for physical activity. Or, what if your child just doesn’t like sports? Relax! We’ve gathered some outstanding resources to help you keep your family on the road to a healthy, active lifestyle—even when kids balk, schoolwork beckons, or a chill in the air keeps you indoors.

    • Kids Health offers advice for helping the non-athlete find enjoyable physical activities. Or visit WebMD for hints on choosing (and introducing) food and fitness ideas to kids in ways that will work with their personality traits. (WebMD also sponsors a Fit Kids site that offers tons of fun videos and tips for teaching kids about fitness and healthy eating.)
    • Visit the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention’s BAM! (Body and Mind) site, designed to help children learn how to stay healthy. Kids can take a quiz to find activities they might enjoy, create their own fitness and activity calendar, and read stories about other kids who are working to improve their bodies and minds.
    • Teach your children about healthy physical activities and nutrition using the U.S. Department of Agriculture’s Blast Off game. Kids pretend they are astronauts who “fuel their rockets” by selecting a healthy menu of foods and “charge their activity batteries” by choosing appropriate exercises.
    • Dreary and rainy outside? Check out the American Heart Association’s Healthy Challenge indoor scavenger hunt—it’s a fun rainy-day activity for kids!
    • Sometimes the silly or simple ideas are the best! If you run out of your own creative ideas for keeping kids moving, check out these exercise games and easy fitness activities.

Having a fit, healthy body is an important component of your child’s overall wellness, and as a virtual school or homeschool parent, you have the flexibility to schedule healthy physical activity during the school day. Some online schools provide scheduling and activity tracking tools to help you manage and track your child’s exercise and study time. Be sure to use this fantastic benefit of schooling at home to help your child establish a healthy, active routine for life!

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