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Like fingerprints or snowflakes, each online school family is unique, with educational values that work best for them. The ability to customize a student’s learning to suit each family’s lifestyle is one of the main benefits of joining a virtual school. However, there are some tools and approaches that may help ensure your online student will succeed in their studies no matter their unique needs. From following a daily schedule to using robust technologies, we want to share some secrets to creating a great online classroom at home.


Create a Daily Schedule 

Every family knows structure is important. But every plan needs flexibility. To keep your online student’s coursework on track, develop a scheduling plan together using the online learning portal planner or by creating your own daily schedule. And don’t forget to include time for physical activity and special interests. 


Embrace Technology 

Your online learning portal is the online engine that makes learning in virtual school possible. At home, or wherever the internet is accessible, this user-friendly online education management system connects students with their lessons, teachers, and resources. Families have access to our searchable online help system 24/7.  


Connect with Other Learning Coaches 

Staying connected to your online learning community is essential. Most Learning Coaches are parents who are happy to offer support, share ideas, or just listen. Each Connections Academy®–supported school also designates parents or teachers to serve as community coordinators to organize events, field trips, study sessions, and more for our online school community. 

No matter what your home online school looks like, we want to help make it a success for you and your family. For tips on how to get organized and make the most out of a limited learning space, check out this article in our Resource Hub. 

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