Learning Pod Group Activity Ideas

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Learning Pod Group Activity Ideas

While learning pods became increasingly popular during the peak of the COVID-19 pandemic, they still remain an excellent way for students enrolled in online public school or who are homeschooled to pursue fun learning opportunities and to connect with other kids in their area. If your local group is looking for learning pod activities or learning pod events explore these suggestions for both in-person and online group activities.

Learning Pod Activities

Show and Tell Day

A Show and Tell Day—which could be held either in-person or online—allows kids to share just about anything they want. They can tell the group about a project they’ve been working on, a special place they’ve visited, share a meal they have cooked, or their favorite book or toy.

To prepare them, ask them what thing, place, or event has made them the happiest in the past. Perhaps one student has visited a relative out of state or has just learned a new skill. Maybe another student has just received a gift that they have wanted for a long time. Then set aside a time at the end of the learning day for each student in the learning pod to share and express themselves.

Arts and Crafts

An arts and crafts event can be a great indoor or outdoor activity. With just some paints or markers and a posterboard, students can collaborate on a mural, create self-portraits, or sketch what they see out in nature. Older kids may enjoy making jewelry or tie-dying fabrics. Whatever they create can be kept and displayed in their learning space, reminding them of something they all created together.

A pair of online school students volunteering in their community garden as part of a learning pod activity.

Volunteer in Your Community

Giving back is a great way for students to connect with each other, help their community, and build gratitude. Students could help in a community garden, volunteer at an animal shelter, or participate in a park cleanup. If there are no formal events in your area, try organizing a fundraiser for a charity of the students’ choice.

Reach out to local organizations for ideas and more information.

Family Game Night

When your student is enrolled in an online school, families need to get to know each other as well as the children. A family game night can be the perfect opportunity for families to meet and socialize.

Here’s how to organize your family game night:

  • Invite everyone to bring their favorite game. Be sure families share their games beforehand so that there are no duplicates.
  • Be sure there are games for all age groups. You don’t want to leave anyone out.
  • Decide whether this will be for a friendly competition or if you want to keep score and award prizes at the end of the night. Ask guests to bring a snack or dish to share.

This can be one of your recurring events for online school for the families in your learning pod. Schedule them monthly for in-person or online and let different families take turns hosting this fun night.

Holiday Parties

Holiday parties can also give students a chance to have fun together when they’re not doing schoolwork. Plan an activity for the specific holiday the kids are celebrating. You can also celebrate summer holidays like the Fourth of July with a picnic or pool party. Decide whether the party is going to be for the kids only or if families will be included like with the game night.

Organize a Field Trip

When it comes to learning pod events, you can’t go wrong with a field trip. Kids love to experience new adventures and see new things, especially when they have friends to explore with! Look for kid-friendly sites in your area; your local library and local parks and recreation department can be a valuable resource for recommendations as well as possible group passes or discounts.

If you can’t all physically visit somewhere, consider a virtual field trip. A virtual field trip is a guided, educational adventure that you can take online. Many virtual field trips are available for free or for a small fee. Some virtual field trips to try to include are the American Museum of Natural History, Boston Children’s Museum, and even Buckingham Palace!

A group of kids who are part of a learning pod prepare for sporting events for online school students.

Organize a Field Day

Planning a field day as one of your learning pod events can be a great way to encourage kids to get outside and play. You can meet up at a local park or someone’s backyard to play a round of:

  • Flag football
  • Dodgeball
  • Soccer
  • Kickball
  • Relay races
  • Sack races

Set up a schedule so that the children get to try each activity. Depending on how many children there are, you can split them up into teams for some healthy competition. Keep a scorecard of how many

events each team wins and hold a small awards ceremony at the end. The winning team can walk away with bragging rights as well as a small prize!

STEM Activities

If children are interested in STEM, create a STEM day as one of your learning pod activities. Purchase robot-making kits or let the kids try making a fruit battery out of a lemon, or build a mini marble course. They can also try STEAM activities like creating musical water glasses.

As you look for learning pod activities and learning pod events, remember to keep the age of the children in mind as well as their interests. Provide activities that will allow them to socialize and get to know each other better. A successful learning pod can be instrumental in developing well-rounded students.

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