Benefits of Going Back to Online School

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For a student in a bricks-and-mortar school, the first day of school means waiting for the school bus with a backpack of new notebooks and school supplies. But the first day may look quite different for a student enrolled in an online school. Parents tell us that the sense of excitement is the same, but with online school, they do the first day their own way!

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If you’re considering making the change to a Connections AcademyⓇ-supported online public school, check out the following ways that online school lets families learn in their own way.


School comes to you, wherever you are

With online school, students learn from home, where they are comfortable and secure. No missing the bus or waiting for it in the rain. Students connect to their teachers and lessons wherever they have access to the internet, making family travel possible —without falling behind.


Learning is personalized

Students attending online school can vary the pace at which they do lessons according to their needs. Starting on the first day of school, they can take more time on a subject they struggle with or move ahead quickly in a subject they understand fully.

Each student has a personalized learning plan developed collaboratively by the student, teachers, and parent or Learning Coach. This helps ensure that students receive the right degree of challenge and support, enrichment, or remediation. Elective courses are available for all ages, so students can pursue personal interests as part of their curriculum.


Teachers get to know you

There are caring, dedicated teachers in online school! Although online teachers may not meet their students face to face, they do connect in the online classroom, by phone, and via WebMail messages. There’s even a back-to-school welcome call! They periodically talk to their students on the phone to make sure they understand the material, and are available to help when needed. This one-on-one attention lets teachers get to know students and their families well.


Socialization is separate from online learning

Online school separates learning from socialization. With fewer distractions, some kids may be able to concentrate on their studies more easily. Others may appreciate having less peer pressure. Parents and their students have the opportunity to choose exactly the type and amount of socialization they are comfortable with. Many pursue athletics, performing arts, clubs, volunteering, and faith-based activities in their local communities. And going back to school online may even give students more time for these activities.


The online schedule is more flexible

The online school schedule enables families to structure the learning day according to personal preferences, student needs, and the family’s lifestyle. Early birds can start school whenever they get up. Sleepyheads can begin later. Students can do their hardest courses when they are most alert. Lessons can also be scheduled around doctor’s appointments, dance lessons, soccer practice, and family obligations.


Parents and Learning Coaches are involved and informed

Parents of students enrolled in online school have many ways to stay involved in their kids’ education. Typically, they support learning by helping set the daily schedule, keeping kids on task, and communicating with the teacher. Parents also have access to grades, texts, curriculum, and other resources, so they know what their children are learning —and how well they are progressing. No report card surprises!

We hope your family is planning to begin learning online as you go back to school. With parent involvement and the ability to personalize learning and each day, online school students have the opportunity to excel and love learning!

To learn how you can customize your student’s education and be more involved by going back to school online, visit the website for Connections Academy online public school. Or to learn about online private school, visit Pearson Online Academy ’s website.

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