5 Tips for Celebrating Arab American Heritage Month

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Family celebrating arab american heritage month

Since 2017, Arab American Heritage Month has been celebrated each April to recognize the contributions, achievements and culture of Arab Americans.

As of 2024, 3.7 million Americans have relatives hailing from around 22 countries in the Middle East and North Africa. Today, Arab Americans span numerous cultures, languages, religions, and identities, and learning more about Arab Americans not only strengthens our understanding of those with which we share a community, but also allows us to explore a deeper connection with ancestry, family, culture, and history. 

Ways to Celebrate Arab American Heritage Month

Whether your family is Arab American, or you are simply interested in celebrating this culturally rich, diverse community, immersing yourself in cultures and communities can be a great addition to your child’s education!

1. Attend Community Events

When celebrating culture, Learning Coaches and caregivers can focus on resources and events hosted by those in the community itself. People who are part of the culture know their culture best and can provide authenticity to what is shared. Check your local community calendar for any Arab American heritage events.

If you can’t make any in-person events, plan to attend a virtual event that celebrates Arab Americans with friends, family, or others in your community.

2. Explore History

If you are not sure where to start, begin with the basics! Learn about the history of Arab Americans, key cultural moments, and terminology. Arab heritage spans over 22 countries, so there is a lot of history and traditions to explore. A good place to start may be to learn more about Arab American history itself and find an aspect of history that your student would like to spend time researching on their own.

3. Go on a Virtual Fieldtrip to the Arab Center in Washington, D.C.

Seek out museums and exhibits that have been curated by Arab Americans. You can deepen your understanding of broad topics, with the bonus of having access to personal stories, artifacts, books, recordings and other significant items that explore how Arab Americans have shaped America. 

The Smithsonian contains a diverse collection of images of Arab Americans and some of their contributions to American culture. Students looking for a springboard to learn more about Arab American history can click through images that can inspire further independent study.

4. Enjoy Works by Arab American Artists

Incorporate Arab American heritage resources into your day-to-day experiences by listening to music by Arab American musicians, watch videos, and read books by Arab American authors. Learning Coaches and caregivers can integrate the contributions of Arab Americans into your student’s lesson plans so they are aware of the variety of individuals who have shaped America.

Celebrating and uplifting a culture can and should extend beyond a month! Try to be intentional about seeking out cultures you may not belong to on a regular basis. It will make you a more understanding, compassionate and knowledgeable person. Plus, it is a wonderful way to make new friends.

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