4 Ways Online Teachers Help Students Succeed

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An online school teacher is teaching her online class

Friendly and supportive online teachers are one of the highlights of virtual school. Even though students don’t see them in person every day, online teachers encourage academic and personal growth through enjoyable, interactive lessons and investing time in getting to know each student and their family.

At Connections Academy®, we often hear heartwarming stories about the relationships that develop between students and their teachers. For instance, Ohio Connections Academy graduate Anna Ridenour was so inspired by her math teacher that she returned to serve as an online teacher herself! 

Here are a few more reasons why our students benefit so much from their online teachers:

1. They are online learning experts.

Teachers at high-quality online schools like Connections Academy complete extensive training, so they’re pros at engaging kids virtually and know how to help students be successful academically through digital learning strategies.

That’s a big departure from the emergency remote-learning classrooms that many students logged into during the 2020 pandemic. A significant body of research indicates that the majority of experienced teachers from brick-and-mortar schools felt largely unprepared and ill-equipped to navigate the world of online learning when they were forced to move their classrooms entirely online, which ultimately caused students to suffer academically and socially. 

But since online schools are specifically designed for virtual learning, the teachers receive specialized training in the ways to engage and educate all types of students online (even those who have special needs) in areas like social-emotional development and digital etiquette--all while helping customize courses according to each student's needs. Here, students thrive, earning comparable standardized test scores to students in traditional schools. 

An online student getting help from a virtual school teacher.

2. They personalize lessons.

Not all students achieve success by learning through the same methods as others. So, what can teachers do to help students succeed? They personalize lessons. 

Here’s how it works: When a new student enrolls at Connections Academy, they take a variety of diagnostic tests to identify their strengths, weaknesses, and learning style. Using this information, their online teachers can tailor the curriculum to fit each student’s individual academic needs and better support their development into independent, self-motivated learners. These personalized lessons allow students to learn effectively, encourage a growth mindset, build decision-making skills, and increase engagement

3. They provide one-on-one attention.

Since online instructors don’t oversee a physical classroom, they can devote more time to assisting each student individually. 

When students have questions or concerns, they can reach out to their online teacher directly, who can then work with them one-on-one by providing extra support, guidance, and encouragement. The teacher helping your student connects with them through the virtual school’s many interactive resources and tools, like real-time online classrooms and instant messaging. In a one-on-one setting, many students feel more comfortable and are less nervous or embarrassed about asking questions. 

Ultimately, the extra one-on-one attention online teachers give students leads to improved content mastery and faster academic growth rates, especially for struggling readers and students with learning difficulties

An online school teacher greeting her students at the start of her online class

4. They invest in student relationships

Virtual school teachers frequently reach out to students and their families via email and phone to monitor progress and comprehension, discuss how they can help with future college and career goals, and answer any questions students or their parents may have. At Connections Academy, students and their families are comfortable reaching out to their teachers as well.

This time spent with students individually is reinforced during live classes and leads to positive and meaningful student-teacher relationships, which research indicates is directly linked to improved student engagement and academic success.

Ready to learn more about online school and what teachers can do to help students succeed? Visit our "Quick Guide to Parent, Student, and Teacher Roles in a Virtual School."                        

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