3 Activities to Help Your Online Student Stay Positive

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As adults, we know that no emotions are actually bad. For example, we would have no empathy without sadness or experience courage without fear. But how do parents teach their children to stay positive in difficult times? Learning positive thinking through engaging activities can help online students experience it firsthand for themselves.

Get Virtual Students Involved

Most mental health experts agree that being proactive helps people feel more positive about their life. Students of all ages can make plans, get involved, and work toward their goals.

Dream On

One way to stay positive is to keep dreaming of things we love. Even if now isn’t the right time for kids to travel or visit friends, they can still make plans for the future. Have your online student write down their ideas, start collecting pictures, or make a list of their favorite destinations.

Get Involved

Volunteering for a neighborhood organization or just helping a friend are great ways to teach your online student that doing good work makes us feel good too. Whether it’s working at a local food pantry or hshoveling snow for an elderly neighbor, getting involved in their community can lift their spirits.

Build Confidence

Encourage your online student to learn a new skill while still having fun. Maybe they’re interested in learning to bake bread or performing a magic trick. Achieving goals is great for building confidence and gaining a positive attitude.

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