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In Minnesota, online public school is available for students in grades K-12. Families living anywhere in the state that prefer to educate their children from home, with a safe, welcoming learning environment, can enroll in Minnesota online school.

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How can you find a high-quality Minnesota online public school?

To ensure a high-quality education for your child, look for a Minnesota online public school that has a track record of success with students and is accredited by a reputable national education organization.

Minnesota Connections Academy and Falcon View Connections Academy are both part of Connections Academy, a leader in online education for 20 years. Connections Academy is a division of Connections Education, which is accredited by Cognia, formerly AdvancED. Minnesota Connections Academy is also accredited by the North Central Association Commission on Accreditation and School Improvement (NCA CASI), an accrediting division of Cognia.

Families may also want to consider what kind of experiences other people have had at their online school. At Connections Academy’s 2019 parent satisfaction survey, 97 percent of families said that their students’ Minnesota online public school teachers are helpful, and 95 percent said the curriculum is high quality

A tuition-free online public school for students in grades K-12. The school opened in 2019 and is authorized by the Wabasha-Kellogg School District to serve students who live anywhere in the state.

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An online public school that has a 15-year track record of helping students statewide learn from home, tuition-free. The school is a member of the Minnesota Transitions Charter School (MTCS), a K-12 academic community.

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Students in grades K-12 who reside in the state of Minnesota can learn from home with online public school. Much of the learning is done independently, using the Minnesota-approved online curriculum. Parents serve as Learning Coaches, typically structuring the learning day and keeping their children on track. Students also interact with state-certified teachers who provide instruction and feedback on schoolwork.

Students who attend Minnesota online school learn in from the comfort of home and interact with teachers and classmates in a safe, supportive online classroom environment.
For some students, this means freedom to be themselves, without peer pressure or bullying. For others, it means having the ability to work at their own pace, slowing down for subjects that are more difficult for them or moving ahead in more easily digested topics.
Students also benefit from having a more flexible learning schedule, so they can schedule their daily agenda around personal interests, involvement in sports, or medical appointments.

Families that enroll their students in K-12 Minnesota online public school pay no tuition. Because it is a form of public education, Minnesota online public school is free to families that live anywhere in the state. Texts, learning materials, and interactive learning tools are all included, free of charge. Student texts may be either books or digital texts.

Online school teachers are Minnesota-certified education professionals. They must have a bachelor’s degree, and many have their master’s or other advanced degrees. Teachers also receive specialized training in the best practices for making online learning engaging and effective for their students.

A Minnesota online public school student must earn 21.5 credits, meeting the same graduation requirements as at any MN online high school. Students work with licensed school counselors to create a four-year plan for graduation from high school.
Online high school students study using a Minnesota-approved curriculum, work with Minnesota-certified teachers, and receive official Minnesota diplomas when they graduate.

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