Arman Syed

High School Student

Arman Syed is a high school student at Minnesota Connections Academy. He has three siblings, Amin, Gianna and Milayah, who also attend Minnesota Connections Academy. Arman was first interested in Minnesota Connections Academy because he liked the idea of working from home. His story is below:

“I enjoy the flexible schedule. If for some reason I need to do school on the weekends instead of during the week, I can do that. When my family takes big trips out of the United States, I was able to shift my school schedule to fit those in. I also enjoy making time for tae kwan do and soccer. Before, I had to complete school in a building far away from home, but with Minnesota Connections Academy, I can have school wherever and whenever I want.

I really enjoy science because I like learning about the earth around me. My teachers are always willing to help me with questions I may have. I stay in touch with my friends through soccer, fishing, video games, and hiking. My mom also plans get-togethers with my friends and family throughout the week so we are able to spend time together.”

What I like most about Connections Academy is learning in a relaxed environment, stress-free.

— Arman

Arman and his siblings