About Me

I'm very passionate about karate and horseback riding. I take lessons for both activities 1-2 times a week. I also love seeing my friends in the community and staying connected with friends at Minnesota Connections Academy. My mom helps me stay on a regular schedule each week so I can fit these things in around school without feeling overwhelmed.

Why I Chose Minnesota Connections Academy

My mom gave me the option to go to a public school or try learning online at home for kindergarten. We both wanted to see how online at home would work out for us and we really like it. My mom helps me stay connected in our community, so I still have other outlets outside of school to keep me stay active.

Evy smiling and sitting at her desk

My Online Elementary School Experience

Minnesota Connections Academy is the only school I've attended. I love LiveLesson every morning when I get to see my teacher and classmates and have a chance to interact with them.

I really enjoy language arts because it has helped take my reading to a new level. I also enjoy science and art, and I’m taking music, home life and sign language. I love the extra classes that are offered here that may not be offered at a regular school for my age.

I have a very good relationship with my teachers. They are always helpful and available for me whenever I need them. They are so kind, and we keep in contact on a regular basis outside of our everyday morning lessons. I also enjoy going on field trips and made a good friend at one that I'm still very close to.

I love the learning experience I get through Minnesota Connections Academy and being able to learn at home has worked out so well for me!

— Evy

Evy standing next to a horse