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Massachusetts Online School Options

Online public school gives Massachusetts students a safe place to thrive and grow—excited to start each day with support from caring teachers at every step along their K–12 journey. We’re focused on giving students a well-rounded learning experience, developing them academically as well as socially and emotionally. Our goal is to work with Massachusetts families to create happy, engaged students who graduate from online school and find a fulfilling career or college path as their next step.

Are online school and homeschooling in Massachusetts the same thing?

While online school and homeschool programs are similar in that they’re both home-based education options, Massachusetts online public school is quite different from Massachusetts homeschool programs.

Parents that choose the path of traditional homeschooling have complete responsibility for developing or buying the curriculum, teaching the lessons, and grading student work. With an online public school in Massachusetts, students are taught a state-approved curriculum by Massachusetts-certified teachers.

How much does a Massachusetts online public school cost?

Because Massachusetts online public schools are part of the state’s public school system, there is no tuition to attend a K–12 online Massachusetts school. Online public school students are delivered an education from home that meets the same state standards in education as their traditional school peers.

How does Massachusetts online school work for families?

Massachusetts online schools are a great way for students to learn from home, with parent involvement. Students connect to their curriculum and lessons through an online learning portal. Completing lessons at home, at a pace that works best for their learning style, students have the flexibility to adjust their schedule to meet their needs. Students take part in regularly scheduled live sessions with teachers and classmates in a virtual classroom. Teachers are specially trained to make online learning engaging and effective.

What are the Massachusetts high school graduation requirements for online school?

Students looking to graduate from a Massachusetts online high school must successfully earn a minimum of 24 credits and a passing score on the MCAS exams (English Language Arts, math, and science) to graduate.

Are there online schools in Massachusetts near me?

State residents have the school choice option to send their children to a virtual school. In online school, students have the benefit of learning from home, connecting to their teachers and curriculum online. Massachusetts online schools can deliver the high-quality education your child deserves.

Is there an online high school Massachusetts students can attend to prepare for college or career?

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TECCA Connections Academy Commonwealth Virtual School

At TEC Connections Academy Commonwealth Virtual School (TECCA), high school students can earn an official Massachusetts high school diploma. At TECCA, students are able to take honors and Advanced Placement®* courses. Plus, licensed school counselors can advise them about the college application process and financial aid.

In a virtual high school, students can also take career and technical education (CTE) courses to explore job fields and gain workforce knowledge and experience.

*Advanced Placement is a registered trademark of the College Board. Used with permission.