Refer Friends—Build Your School Community

We often are asked what makes Connections Academy different from other schools. While we believe many things set us apart, one that we think is unique is the value we place on community and family.

We believe that a student’s success depends on a top-quality curriculum, the latest technology, and the best teachers. But there’s more. Students benefit from strong connections within their families, with friends in their local communities, and with others throughout our Connections Academy family.

That’s why we support your efforts to help build your own local Connections Academy community. How? For every student referred by a Connections Academy parent or student, a $25 contribution is made to the referring person’s school to support field trips and other community activities. We make it easy for you to do.

Two Simple Steps

Our referral program is easy and designed to benefit your local Connections Academy school. Here's what you need to do:

  • Step 1: Tell others about your school and encourage them to learn more by visiting the Connections Academy website or calling us toll-free at 800-382-6010.
  • Step 2: Tell the person who is enrolling to list your name in the "Referral Information" section when they complete the Family Information Form during the enrollment process.

That's it! Once a referred student enrolls in Connections Academy a $25 contribution will be made to your school's Student Activities Fund—a direct benefit to you and your family! Last year this program helped pay for a variety of events, such as:

  • Field trips to museums, zoos, gardens and other local attractions,
  • College campus tours,
  • Parties with games and educational activities,
  • and more!

How Can You Get the Word Out?

You can help spread the word in many ways, such as:

Just remind anyone you recommend to list you in the "Referral Information" section of the Family Information Form when they enroll. Let’s work together to have a record year for referrals and even more fun school activities and events!